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Thai FOOD STREET  泰国美食街

Let's [Tomyum Lee] introduce you some good Thai restaurant around your area

欢迎大家写电子邮件给我, 建议你的区域任何一间泰国餐厅。

Feel free to write me an email and suggest me any recommended Thai restaurant around your area. Provided us the restaurant name, contact number , address and website if any.
Thank You

Carabao Thai Restaurant at Johor Bahru

Carabao means buffalo in Tagalog and you’ll be able to see a buffalo in their restaurant’s logo. Their clear tom yum soup looks innocent but packs a punch with its spicy level, just like those in Thailand. Green curry chicken is also another of their popular dish which is creamy and is generous with its portions of chicken.

Thai Camp at Taman Paramount

Run by a young couple, this casual joint offers good Thai food such as hot snacks and single-bowl meals at fair prices; nearly everything on the menu currently costs below RM10, with no service charge or additional taxes. This is one of the Klang Valley’s few Thai eateries where you can indulge in Chiang Mai-inspired khao soi kai.

Boran Classic Thai Street Food at Seapark, PJ

Run by husband-and-wife team, Yang and Donut, this place aims to channel a sense of Thailand’s charm through its street grub; this casual spot serves soul food inspired by Donut’s home province of Chonburi. Yong and Donut have crafted a compact menu of fairly priced, fulfilling meals such as this grilled pork neck.

My Elephant at Sri Hartamas

The cult of Thai cuisine is setting the suburbs on fire, with five outlets around the Klang Valley, all serving up tasty Thai fare, including crowd-pleasers such as their duck and lychee curry.
my Elephant is one of the more popular Thai restaurants around (they have five branches dotting the Klang Valley) where you can dine on their sweat-inducing hot and spicy dishes at ease in comfy air-conditioned settings.

Janwa Thai Restaurant, Bandar Menjalara

Janwa Thai, a no-frills Thai restaurant at Bandar Menjalara that is a popular with the locals. It is run by a Thai family so you could only expect honest and reasonably priced food here. This could be considered our ‘safe’ restaurant whenever we are out of dining ideas, especially on weekends.

Yee Wen Thai Food, Kepong Baru

It is not the easiest restaurant to locate. Hidden deep within the maze of industrial buildings in Kepong Baru, Yee Wen Thai Food draws in the crowds daily for both lunch and dinner. Its popularity is not only limited to the Kepong residents as hordes of diners from far and wide descend upon its humble set-up for a taste of their authentic and delicious Thai dishes in a no-frills and rustic environment. After all, the chefs of Yee Wen are all from Thailand.

A-Wet Thai Cafe – Cheras & Kajang

Colloquially known as "A Wet Thai", this restaurant is a famous spot in the town of Cheras & Kajang for aromatic and appetising Thai cuisine. Amidst the staple of Tom Yam, Pandan Chicken and Green Curry, pork lovers will be titillated with the succulent and tangy BBQ Pork Neck accompanied with a side of green chili sauce. For those with room for more, the Deep Fried Pork Knuckles will blow your taste buds away with a layer of crispy pork crackle encrusting the tender flesh within.

Go Thai at SS2 PJ

Specialising Thai street fair, Go Thai is a simple, spacious set-up, flaunting a few colourful flourishes but maintaining the focus on the food. This Malaysian-owned outlet with an all-Thai, all-smiles kitchen team prepare soulful dishes like the tender ‘khao kha moo’ – stewed pork trotters with rice and duck egg.

Pormtip Thai Restaurant at Cheras

Pormtip Thai Restaurant is widely acknowledged for its exquisite Thai dishes, uses of experienced chefs drawn from the best Thai Hotels and Restaurants to offer you specialty dishes rarely found elsewhere in Malaysia, this is simply because of the fresh ingredients and the cooking methods found at Pormtip are at such high quality. Yet traditional methods and recipes are maintained.

Baan Nok Thai at Pandan Indah

This restaurant is located just above a Thai grocery shop. The shop owners wife runs the restaurant and is also the chef. Hailing from the northen most district in Thailand, Chiang Rai, she does indeed churn out quite a number of mouth watering dishes. Their chicken Green curry dish is absolutely decadent with its thick and rich gravy teeming with the tinge of fresh coconut milk.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Hulu Langat,

Treat yourselves to fresh seafood cooked Thai-style surrounded by a spectacular ambience - away from the hustle and bustle and hazy air of KL at Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. From just 30 tables, they now hold 800 tables on the floating platforms, so don’t worry about not getting a table at this popular eatery.

Kompassion, Damansara Kim, PJ

With the reputation of Chef Nikom Uatthong - the former food consultant and executive chef at myElephant, this restaurant soon gained its popularity among Thai eateries. While still ensuring the authentication of Thai cuisines, Kompassion won even the most demanding food critics with its menu of aesthetically presented and flavoursome foods that will satisfy every bit of your taste buds.

BBQ Thai, Old Klang Road, PJ

BBQ Thai serves traditional and modern Thai food that includes barbecue, street food, seafood and desserts, which is basically everything I know Thai food has to offer. The restaurant has an open air concept that is cosy and unpretentious. If you would like to dine in their air-conditioned room, you will have to make an early reservation and also will be required to spend a minimum amount.

Erawan in Kota Damansara

Generally regarded as the best Thai restaurant in the Klang Valley, Erawan features a plethora of recipes rarely available elsewhere. For instance, instead of the standard pandan chicken, Erawan offers a pandan wrapped salmon instead. Try the creamy and flavoursome curry, packed with possibly a hundred succulent cockles.

Soul Thai, Nusa Bestari, Johor

Do not be intimidated by the fancy facade - the prices here are fairly reasonable and well worth the visit. Soul Thai cooks up some amazing Thai food using the freshest ingredients. This includes their seasonal crabs, which can be cooked in a variety of Thai-styled methods and spices. Other delectable dishes include their fragant Pineapple Fried Rice and the unique Steamed Squid in a tangy gravy.