TOMYAM LEE's ~ No.5~ I'm Back 1st visit to KD

Today my every 1st day step in back to tomyam port. back to 3-4 years ago, mostly kepong or puchong but now since i'm nearby at KD, so i went to stop by but still doesn't know the location. After being guide by the bro to the location and went in. Environment is okay and good and feel like I'M BACK!!!! haha So went on check on the gals, and they recommend me few of them who are more extra services. so I pick up no. 5 (if not mistaken) Everything are so super nice, her services and everything, her GF feel and she told me nice being fucked by me and i can see thru her face, the organism looks wahhaah.

Name: no idea, (number 5) Origin : Vietname Age : 26 Face: 9/10 (pretty, looks like my ex haha) Body: 10/10 (meaty and good shape and nice) Skin: 9/10 (smooth and white)

Boobs: 10/10 (quite big & firm)

BJ: 10/10 (super good and even she lick my ass LOL)

DFK: actually didn't kiss, just end up too extreme high and she feel organism and nice and kiss with me)


Fingering: 5/10 (awhile only as fucking that time, just play her pussy)

Pussy: 9/10 (standard)

FJ: 10/10 (enjoyed fucking)

CIM: Wanna play second time but i'm tired

GFE: 10/10 10/10 (friendly, polite, can joke, during foreplay she lick my nipples, event play my whole body and even ask me wanna fuck again?)

Damage: RM 180 + 20tips

Rush: still acceptable

WIR: Yes (but i saw others girls, small type, love it too)

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