TOMYAM LEE's ~ Maxim ~ Good Overnight sexsation morning sexsion.

Port: TYL Location: KK Name: Maxim aka May Race: TY Age: 23 Face: 7/10 Skin: 7/10 Tanned/ smooth Body: 7/10 Boobs: 5/10 small boobs Pussy: 9/10 Trimmed/ no smell/ tight Ass: 8/10 Bubbly rounded butt DFK: 6/10 Light Kissing CBJ: 6/10 SOP Fingering: 8/10 DATY: 8/10 Clean, juicy and delicious FJ: 7/10 The G-Whiz/ Missionary/ Spoon Moan: 9/10 Hygiene: 9/10 GFE: 9/10 Touchy/Friendly. Treat u like a GF but can't converse well due to language barrier Overall: 7/10 RTF: Will try others WIR: you can try. Now she offer FFM Damage: 660 for OVN Short trip to KK. Reached KK airport in late night. Contacted TYL to get a girl because i need a hotel to sleep and i was hoping for a companion. 2 girl available for OVN and i chose May. Took shower together and went to bed. Gv her a long Daty and fingering. Her soft moan was nice. She capped me and CBJ for awhile. Then proceeded to missionary. Gv up very soon when I looked at her satisfied face expressions. Chit chat hug kiss embracing and nibbing each other. After a while, started second round. Then, cuddled to sleep. Early in the morning, when i opened my eye and saw this petite girl hold me tight like a GF, of course need a morning sex. Just asked her to lay on bed and I would do all the job. Hehe 30 mins later, took a bath and left. Byyyyeeeee.....

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