TOMYAM LEE's ~ LiSa ~ Monkey Fucking on a Tree

Port: Tomyumlee @ SP FR Every man has his own sexual fantasy. Mine was to have a 3p. I was looking for one encounter....initially selected KLE escort...sad as they cancelled the service. Reason not known as most likely the departure of the WLS from LOS......Then scouted this port which has special 3p package. Placed booking but did not go through though i made booking way in advance......instead went for 1 in 1. Reason ...the other customer came late for the booking with Cherry. Have to wait till 4.20pm. Time is not right. Got to the room and knocked on to the door....then came Lisa ...dressed in Black sexy lingerie...BNN with a sweet smile...give me a hug when i got into the room. She has very limited command in conversational English. Have to settle with very basic english. I took of my clothes and follow with her. Then she passed on a towel to me. The room was rather small with a queen size bed. Limited walk around space around the bed. Her built is of medium and with BNN and meaty ass.Then we both got into the shower and she cleaned me the pretty much SOP. TCSS with her while showering. This is her 2nd trip to Malaysia according to her. She was working as a sales promoter back in LOS. She has a daughter, 1 year old. Her father works in Bkk and her mother is looking after her daughter back at Chiangrai. NO BJ in the shower and no B2B in the shower. Once done with the shower, we both rinse the mouth with Listerine. Then i got out of the bathroom and dry myself. Then she emerges out from the bathroom and she dries herself too. Once i am done drying i got onto the bed and tested the bed. I was testing the quality of the mattress. Not bad and she laughed watching me bouncing on the bed. .....then i hugged her and suck on her huge was enhance...she said she was cup A before this...anyway this was a good boob enhancement ...the silicon bag....feel nice to grope on...i was feasting on her nipple and groped on her pair of melon for about a good solid few minutes and she was moaning...sounded fake....WTH...just enjoy the act then...once i am done feasting on her breast...i lied down for a while....while she approaches me...i ask for 69 which she obliged....this was a battle between us as she was BBBJ me while I am datying on her....her BBBJ was alright with good suction but no deep throat from her...she moaned while I was dining on her abalone....sensitive clitoris (shaved and no smell)...this was on for 5 mins....was resisting her BJ and concentrate on dining her abalone Then comes the FJ part...i brought my own Oka cd (002)....capped myself while she applied some gel onto her pussy... commenced with missionary....inserted my DD into her and then i kissed her and she did not object ...slow thrust with fk and then dfk....alternating slow and fast thrust and occasionally with deep thrust...we were still engaging in kissing all this while...managed to tongue fight with her...after a good few minutes then switched to CG....she was not that energetic while CG...just the slow riding and then grinding forward and backward while i was busy groped her breast and kiss her breast and after a short while she asked whether have I cummed????....she told me she cummed already....i told her no....not this fast...then she changed gear into riding at gear 4 and then 5....she could not keep this for long just for 2 minutes most.... Then switched to doggy....have to position myself and her...she was moaning while I was thrusting her from behind ...her ass is a good view....after 2-3 minutes of thrusting....the urge to unload came and I slow down and withdraw my dd for a while...reposition for doggy (monkey on the Chinese saying monkey fucking on a tree)....she was moaning more while at this position...could not stay in this position for long as legs was tiring....then back to missionary....we re-engage in fk and continue my thrust....this session is only for 45 I step up the gear and pump her hard...deep and fast and finally unloaded....she told me she cummed with me....????? Thereafter she helped to remove the cd and clean my dd....later adjourned to the bathroom for shower....the rest was continue to TCSS with her and the standard SOP...she is leaving on the 30th November.....once shower done...i dried myself and put back on my clothes....paid her she gave me a hug before i left.... Summary WL name: Lisa Age: 26 ??? (just my estimation) Origin: LOS Language: Simple english HT : 160cm Face: 7/10 Boobs: 36 D, firm (enhanced) with pointed light brown nipple Massage: Above average Catbath: NIL B2B: NIL DFK/LK: YES BBBJ: 8/10 AR: Nil DATY: Allowed with 69 Pussy: clean, shaved, no smell just nice FJ: missionary, CG, DG and then missionary GFE: 7/10 WIR: for a quick bonk with TY....yes....many out there to try.... Disclaimer: This encounter is my personal experiences....other may differ.

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