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It has been quite sometime, at least 2 years since I last visited Tom Yam Lee. It happen while I was reading one of the DPF Bro on some Tom Yam dish some where else and Tom Yam Lee port sudddently comes to mind. I thought it is no longer in operation as his banner is no longer up there at DPF site. But manage to find it and found out that the SP port is still very much in operation...WOOHOO. Browse through and and saw 2 gurls who caught my prettier but another has Glorious Humongous Boobs pretty too... Immediately message the number on the website and wow...after 2 years the service has improve alot....last time used to wait long for reply but now it was just less than a minute and so I confirm my gurl....LISA, the one with Glorious Humongous Boobs....It REal OK...haha. Drove over in less than 15 minutes and message again......the reply came back soon and room number given. Name: Lisa Race: Thai Age: Looks Early 20s and she told me 23 Face: 8/10 – slightly different from photo Body: 9/10 – Fleshy and type Pussy : 10/10 closely trim, meaty, super tight man !! Boobs: 12/10 – at least a D+ original and firm (NOt hard) Butt : 12/10 meaty and rounded.....excellent for doggy and light spanking (she seems to enjoy it..) BBBJ: 8/10 – well done DFK : 10/10 no resistance and tounge fighting with alot of toungue action DATY: 10/10 she likes it and enjoy it and responsive Moan : Muted with own hand biting haha Hygiene : VEry much....offered listerine before and after. FJ: 10/10 3 position and it was tight,warm and meaty inside with DFK non stop GFE: 9/10 – Even with limited Vocab...she was Friendly, always smiling Damage: WIR – Of course if she still around....But their tour of duty is normally 2 weeks only. Everything was super duper......if she know how to use her best assets (her glorios firm humongous boobs) in the shower to have a wet soapy B2B and some BBBJ the rating would already hit MAx even before the main dish.....She did only maybe 1 second when she hug move abit in the shower and that is enough to make my didi stand salute....and me geram to the max....

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