TOMYAM LEE's ~ KKat~ Sweet Prettiest Underrated Black Horse

As usual, I contacted Bro TYL when I feel horny and hard, and as usual I check if Ashley would be available for me this afternoon. But bro said fully book until 8pm which it would be too late for me to eat spicy tom yum food already, but I asked him what other food should I order, and he said no need eat Tom Yum food this time, take KitKat, because Kitkat is super pretty and I would never regret. I went to the website to check Kitkat immediately, and when I saw those photos I really not sure if she would be pretty la the photos look like prettiness is not an asset Kitkat will have, but I also read that she was 20 year old and good service, so I agree to try and sped towards the ‘restaurant’ immediately to bite on my Kitkat. Of course bro assured me this kitkat is very pretty, so I really was hoping his taste will be as my taste.

When she opened the door, I almost stunt and didn't know how to react, but my dick still know to lead me to take two step into the room. Kitkat is simply too pretty. Her hair not only is dyed, it is long and I checked at this sexy figure who is about 164 cm tall, wearing a blue mix white boxes blouse in front of me, she smiled at me and her teeth also very white and I looked down to her leg, these legs are simply those ‘sexy killing legs’ that I would always love to have, then I could only told her “you are so pretty”, n she smiled shyly back at me and this little action just melted my heart. We went to the bathroom to take our first kitkat shower together, she was so gentle when she wash for me, not only was she gentle she was also very friendly keep smiling when we shower, I really unsure this girl is a real person or I was dreaming because this is simply too different from her photo, lucky I took the recommendation, thank you Chef! I went to the bed and waited for her, and when she was with me on the bed I could feel so excited when her weight was on my body, she started catbath me, and I must say she really put in the effort to lick my nipple, and slowly go down to my thigh area.

She not only made me feel ON when she lick my both leg area, her hand also was busy toying with the two balls, massaging them to stimulate me further. Then she started to stick her tongue out and wash my head, going around and around, her licking was so sensual the head would immediately react towards the wetness and wonderful feeling. Then suddenly she started to go up and down on the shaft, before she had her tongue cleaning the ball area to further stimulate me, she didn't know that her body shape, prettiness already too much for me, so she didn't have to work so hard to turn me on when I was already almost explode, but, of course I don’t mind if she want to service me nice nice. Just when I thought she done eating the big stick of lollipop, she suddenly put her mouth deep into my stick from top to bottom all into her mouth and suck very hardly, this all really made me feel so wonderful and again I was feeling lucky I took the advice.

Then after few more time of deepthroating herself, I told her I really need to fuck her but before I fucked her I also return some service to her, started with her boobs, not big but also is a lot bigger than the B size stated on menu too, again, another surprise that is wonderful to have. She also enjoyed my service, and my finger also couldn't stop but wanted to tease her, and I put two finger in to arouse her, this time my turn to show her how I really appreciate her with me. Then I told her to get me the condom, put it on and start to put in to reward her. With a few stroke I really beh tahan so I started ask her if I could kiss her, then this is when the biggest surprise came, she put her head and mouth to mine almost immediately, and we started FK very lovingly, her tongue really made me feel like kissing her forever, and her body n my body continue to get glue together and we were kissing so warmly and passionately as we were fucking each other like we knew each other so long.

After some time we changed to have her on top, she also came down to FK with me when she riding me, and the kisses really are so nice, her boobs also very nice for grabbing while she riding, just went I thought of changing to Doggy her and want to pat her butt, I feel I want to cum already, so I turned her to visionary and started my engine with top speed, and her moaning filled the whole room but my ears was already deaf when I was focusing all my attention on her pretty face and my hand feelings her sexy slim long leg. Then I just unload all in this position. We continue the post by hugging each other for few minute, then we proceeded to clean and bath. Before I said good bye to my Kitkat, I took a look at her whole body again, from her pretty long hair, pretty face, to her petite body and her sexy long slim leg, I really am sure I will be back to have another Kitkat!


Face: 10/10

Body: 9/10

Boobs: 8/10

FK: 10/10

Moaning: 10/10

FJ: 10/10

GFE: 9/10


Damage: I paid 200 to her+tips

一段时间没出来冲 也没上wish 前几天早上来看看 看到ashely回来了 之前一直想试了不过没机会。。 看了她的照片依旧让我很想干她 放工后 虽然很累 但是很想试试ashely 所以打给xlg 不过满了。。 本来想算了 睡觉算了 但是又看到了 kitkat, 觉得蛮不错的 所以打去问了 有的约 然后就赶过去sp了 到了酒店楼下 xlg给了房号 上楼敲门 等了好一下才开门 我以为敲错门。。 本来蛮怕真人差很远 但是我觉得真人比照片好看 也感觉比较小只 进去后 脱衣洗澡 mm可以说是我遇到过冲凉最认真的了 从上到脚 屁股都认认真真的洗 然后给我漱口水 (本来还在担心能kiss吗 因为去过几次酒店的都是不能kiss。。0) 我蛮开心的漱口 以为等下可以和mm疯狂舌吻 哪里知道只是我误会了 哈哈 进去后mm帮我按摩 不过很随便的按罢了 然后mm就猫舔 mm舔的节奏慢慢的 很温柔的感觉 舔完后mm 就拿套出来 我以为没kj就要进去了。。 原来她是要带套口交。。 mm的技术还不错 但是没带套还是比较爽。。哈哈哈 过后我问mm可以69吗?mm说不可以 这个没关系 接吻 不可以 亲亲其他地方 不可以。。 其实这时我心都凉了一半。。 然后就开始进去了 可能是我那天比较累 换了很多姿势一直不会出。。最后还软掉。。尴尬。。 不过过程中我还是有偷亲mm 她关着嘴巴 我就亲亲她嘴唇 我试着把舌头伸进去 但是亲亲已经是她极限了吧 还有一直偷亲她 哈哈 (好像有点坏) 到最后拖了很久 就叫mm用手帮我打到要出的时候 进洞发射 然后mm再帮我冲上到下洗一遍后 穿衣还钱走人~ 虽然有些地方不够满意 但是kitkat很漂亮 身材也蛮好 (奶应该是b 不会看。。) 而且很亲切 我要求的一些姿势她都愿意配合 而且我出不到她也很耐心 不会脸黑脸臭

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