TOMYAM LEE's ~ Poppy~ Wild Wild Wet pussy wonderful

Poppy – Very good GF feel.

After few times with TomYum Lee, this is my first time to write the report. After I entered the room. I saw a not matured but quite a good pretty girl because she’s 21 year old. She welcomed me with a good smile. We did some chit-chatting and she’s not rush at all, then we went to shower. After the shower and its bit cold, so we cuddle together. She slowly going down and sucked my dick (Strong suction). Then it’s my turn to service for her and we were having a 69. Then all was SOP but she was giving me a very good girlfriend feel. And she hugged me asked for a kiss on the lips before I left the room.

Port: SP Name: Poppy..~ really university student

Face: 8/10 same pictures.

Skin: 9/10.

BJ: 8/10. Very strong suction.

Daty: 9/10. No smell, and she’s quite enjoying. And pussy was wet when I did fingering. So no need KY during fucking.

FK: 8/10

GFE: 9/10

WIR: Yes but will try other stock first.

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