TOMYAM LEE's ~ Ashley~ Super worth, she has Eight Wonder of the World

I went for Ashley and this was my first time. When i knocked on the door and she opened OMFG she was dressed in denim shorts and a lacey top with no bra underneath. Her boobs are so huge i cant hold it using one hand Dayumm. We intro-ed to each other and with her broken English of 3/10 i got info of her being from bangkok and had been here for more than one week. She had perfect milky smooth skin and her boobs are just distracting me all the time. She didn't believe i was a birgin at first and said i dont look to my age . With her broken English we were like chicken talking to duck and ended up french kissing. When i was on top of her my god her boobs are just bouncy and so nice to hold sia. Dont care is fake or ori it's still fucking nice( I didn't bother asking her cos she can't understand my eng lol). She slowly let me undress her and when i took of her shorts it was just a nice pure white panties seperating my hungry mouth from her vagina. I can see her cleanly shaven pussy through that white pussy and she immediately took it off for me. After helping me remove my clothes she led me to the toilet. She showered me which was just like a 5/10 ntg special. She rubeed my balls and made sure my penis was conpletely clean then help me to dry my body. She laid me on the bed and her BBBJ was amazing. She licked the balls then the penis and started going up and down with her mouth. Her tongue was licking my shaft the whole time. Then i used my own condom Durex super thin ( no promo just explain mah) and she helped put it on me. My first time entering a woman's pussy and she made it so naturally easy for me. She even ask me if i felt pain ( so caring wei) . Then she started moaning and i thought i was hurting her so i stopped but she said go faster ( damn naughty little bitch here). We went from missionary to cowgirl to doggystyle and along the way we were just french kissing the whole time and my hand on her beautiful boobs. Dayum she's good and then after my condom came off she started BJ and HJ me again. I still havent cam after 1 hour and she was determined to make me come. But i wasn't stimulated ( maybe dfk too much night before) . So i dfk myself until i was near climax and then she BJ me till i cum. So CIM kaotim. We cont with FK after she cleaned her mouth and we went doggy agn. We even stopped and rested to watch the ending part of a movie on tv ahhahah. No rush mah. All the while still we are cuddling and FK. She insisted from the start that she dont want DATY so i couldnt lick her pussy but only touch and carress her pussy. In the final 5 mins she allow me to DATY sia and her cibai was so good


Face : thin and cute (7/10)

Body : (10/10) PERFECT PROPORTION OF specially her 36D boobs - one hand cannot hold finish sia

GFE : ( 9/10) As it is my first time she help me take it slow and ask if i was painful or not - very considerate- but cant communicate due to her poor english skills but hey you're there to fuck not chat

Massage : didnt try

SJ : 5/10

Moans : 8/10

HJ : (7/10) not sensual enough can improve

BBBJ : (11/10) Mindblowing! Very good with her tongue and suck ur balls too

DATY : (5/10) Cleanly shaven but she rejected me few times at first cos she dont like. At last gave me one chance to lick

FJ : (9/10) Has the skills and knows how to grind you. Amazing stamina and espcially when she cowgirl you damn hot

CIM : normal ( ntg special nvr swallow tho)

FK : (9/10) amazing kisser and knows how to play with her tongue

Damage :RM380 (2 shot) super worth fucking worth it Ps her boobs are just the best wei , trust me Sorry for long essay but yea satisfies as fuck. She's going back bangkok next week so hurry up ppl.

WIR : OF COURSE YEA ( her boobs is the Eight Wonder of the World)

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