TOMYAM LEE's ~ Star~ the girl that I wanna hug day & night

Port: SP

Name: Star

Face: 10/10 very cute and pretty, look even better in real person

Body: 9/10 i can't ask for more, solid.

GFE: 10/10 strong gfe, the girl that i wanna hug every day and night

DFK: yes

CB: 9/10 strong suction

BBBJ 9/10

DATY: 9/10

FJ: 9/10


First of all, i must say Star is really the precious one. While writing this very first report of mine, i must re-iterate that Star is the one that worth to give it a go. I still remember when the door was open, one cute pretty girl welcome me with her sweetest smile and friendly greet. During some casual chat, she slowly leaned towards me and laid her arm around my neck, looking into her eyes, i hug her and we started kissing. I already feel i am home and she able to give me the kind of gfe i was always looking for. After some really good french kisses, she slowly take off her dress and then slowly remove my shirt and pant.

The next, shower. Along the shower session, she patiently cleaned every inch of my body with her superb skill. I can feel her tongue gently move around my body and of course, my little brother had the privilege to enjoy the best towards the end of the shower session. She knee down and kept blowing me, her tongue, her lips and the tempo were a great combo of skill. With the increase of speed, i almost couldn't hold it man! I quickly pulled her out to the bed. She had really put me on fire, i decided that it is my turn to turn her on as well. I realized she is already so wet. Without waiting further, I kept going on with the piling effort on her, her sis is just so tight and she moaned non stop. Looking at her cute enjoying face, i can see a bit of shyness as well and this is just kept me going more and more~ I turned her around and changed to doggy style. It was such a great scene to go on her from the back, my hands holding on her tits, her milky white and smooth body, and surprisingly, she moaned even louder and wanted for more. It was just amazing.

While i know that my peak is approaching, i proceed to 69. I must say i made the right decision, her blowing skill is really good. While enjoying it , a bit sorry for her that i couldn't last longer and that's it, the CIM. When i thought it is done, she remove the "umbrella" and continue to blow me and suck it all out of me. I was blown out of my mind! During that moment, she was like the love of my life man. Guys, this is really the kind of happy ending that i could not ask for more. The damage is definitely worth it~ I will make sure i will find her again soon, real soon.

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