TOMYAM LEE's ~ Star~ See you again 10/10 superSTAR

I was stunned when the door was opened because my eyes have never seen such a pretty beauty before, it took me a few seconds to realise that i am about to have her in bed with me, and that is when i started to walk into the room, my mind thinking about “wow, how great i can have her”. She always carry a smile on her sweet beautiful face and said i look like someone she knows, but i told her that this was the first time we met, but i am sure this will not be the last time. Her body is so curvy and tempting, but she was not in a hurry to proceed to bath room, but she spent time talking with me, holding hands, hugging, and let me marvel at her beauty to build my desperateness. And when she helped me take off clothes, she was so gentle she even took my clothes to the closet, hang it up properly, then only we went to the bathroom.

Her hand was so small and seductively nice handle on my stick, making it impossible to have a hard stick for her. She would then begin to put me on bed, kiss me everywhere, and when we do frenchkiss, it felt so romantically sweet and wonderful i would not want to let go of her tongue and warm kisses. She would look at me and smile so sweetly as we make love, and went down to give me a very wonderful BBBJ, the suction so strong, the tongue is so adventurous that it keeps licking the head and the shaft to make sure i can get to the maximum feeling, her soft moaning also makes it very exotic and wonderful, i just wish i could make love to her every day, girl like this is super rare to come across, not only beautiful and sexy, but also very sweet, very loving, very skilful and of course, seductive.

After sucking for 10 minutes she looked at me with her killer smile and ask me “Condom?”, and she put on the condom, ride on me, the pussy was wet enough but warmly inviting at the same time, and while she fucking me she would use her moaning to let me know how she was enjoying the in and out, and she would also come down to kiss me. I could not allow a girl like this to ride on me without me putting my body on her to fuck her, so i turned her over, fuck her with lots of love and energy, and eventually i was going to unload on her, but she again put my dick to her mouth and while looking at me with her sexy eyes, she made me unload all in her mouth, and she suck and clean in, and i got a beautiful goddess to CIM, what a wonderful experience.

After bath, she would placed the clothes on the bed very nicely and neatly, then helped me to wear it, and gave me another kiss before i left her.

Below my FR for Star:

Face: 10/10

Body: 10/10 with devilish body

Boobs: 34 C

BBBJ: 10/10

FK: 10/10

GFE: 10/10

FJ: 10/10

WIR: Sure, already did

DMG: RM 2xx/shot

Overall: Word cannot describe how wonderful she is. After the first time, i visited her again, and it was the same 10/10 experience that would make me come back to her for a third time before she leave next week. I wish to see her soon after this. I won’t be able to forget her and will always miss her.

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