TOMYAM LEE's ~ Star~ A real superSTAR, WIR 100%

Port: SP

Name: Star

Face: 10/10 definitely hot than picture

Body: 10/10 perfect body with around 160cm

GFE: 10/10 speaks fluent english and smile always

Massage: nope

DFK: yes

CB: 9/10 strong

BBBJ : 9/10

DATY: 9/10

FJ: 9/10 tight

WIR: sure

First day coming back to KL , then try to see Mr.TomYum menu.Once I check , I saw a hot girl name as Star and it is VIP. After that , I had book Star for tonight . When go in the room , I see my girl is smiling to me and the tits .... OMG. I straight have a French kiss with Star about 10 minutes. After that, we shower together , she help me to clean perfectly. Then , we continue our war in bed this time. We French kiss again because i like her kissing style , then she slowly kiss from top to bottom until my "brother".

When she blowjob and staring at me , the feeling is like ... You know that xD .After that , time to my service , she at down and I'm at the top and starting to fuck . When I want to come , I try to stop it because I like her hand to help me handjob. When we shower together , I like the feeling so the war end in handjob in bed.Finally , after paid then we chit chat a while , then I leave . Believe me , this is worth it and I come back for 3 time already xD

Name : star

Face : very pretty

Body : very slim and sexy

Boob : bug boobs nice nipple

Dfk : very nice like gf

Bj : very good

Fj : totally bringing me to heaven

Daty : nice trimmed pussy and no smell

Gfe : feel like my gf

Wir : definitely return

Face: 9

Body: 9


FJ: 9

GFE:9.5 Very pretty face.

Gfe is the best.

She can make u fall in love. A real superstar!

Name: Star

Origin: Bangkok

Age: 24

Face: 11/10 very pretty

Skin: 10/10

Boobs: Very nice

Body: 10/10 perfect

DFK: Kiss until non stop

Pussy: 10/10 Trimmed

BBBJ: 10/10 slow and steady

FJ: 10/10 tight

GFE: 10/10 speak good english ,no rushing ,better then gf ....

WIR: Definately

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