TOMYAM LEE's ~ Iris~ 10/10 score what more to give.

Port: TYL Name: Iris Race: Tomyum Age: 25 ( but looks younger) Boobs: slightly bigger than B, natural, very nice shape with pink nipple Body:10/10 petite slim curvy, nice tatoo too Face: 10/10 just like in the pic,damn cun Skin: fair, almost like prc Ass: 9/10 Pussy: a bit bushy, but i gv 10/10, SUPER tight! n can grip ur didi like never wanna let go, condom also wanna slip edy(one of a reason to come back for her) Language: can speak english GFE:7/10(i think she shy2) BBBJ: 10/10, one of the best bj i ever had, very good suction, almost cum damn FJ: 10/10, damn nice experience.. Moan: natural n nice... Wir: For sure! Wanted to try TYL port for so long edy but nvr had the chance, looking throught the stock, saw this one nice looking girl, then straight away call okt n book for her...okt was a nice fella, evrything went smoothly, arrived at the hotel then given room i come... Arrived at front of the room, greeted by a lovely looking girl in her sexy black dress with a nice cute smile.. cont with undressing, stripped off her clothes, cannot tahan edy terus grap her nice body n suck her boobs... Proceeded with bath, nothing much happen there, just sop, then went to the next part, started with light massage, but i stopped her halfway haha...terus kasi bbbj, very very good suction power.. she's not rushing at all, taking her time sucking my didi, damnn...what a nice feeling, almost wanna cum, have to stop her a few times haha, she said she dont mind also cim, then roamed her whole body, pussy was bushy but clean, finggered her sensitive clit, moaned in ecstacy.. Then cannot tahan edy, capped me n fj begins, hv to put lube a bit coz very tight, damn super tight pussy!! Even comes with grip control! cock wanna die in ecstacy edy, she's super good in CG position, its auto pilot mode i tell u, pump for about 15 mins then change to missionary, she feels even tighter in this position, this girl can really control her pussy, i lost in this position damn, unload in her pussy followed with damn nice moan too....just too bad xsempat doggy her haha....but still a great feeling.... After that she washed me up, then we chill for a while on bed, after that pay her n we kiss goodbye, hope to see her again.. Damage: rm2xx + rm50 tips, Worth every penny...

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