TOMYAM LEE's ~ WAWA~ my favourite long leg sexy model

Just had one great fuck with a tall ty beauty with pair of long sexy legs. She is Wawa at sp port. Partime freelance model Wawa stands slightly taller than me. My attempt to try her years ago failed, found out she's back so booked her last friday. I think I have a new favourite girl. My ratings: Name: Wawa Age: never asked Race: Ty Face: 9/10 sweet face can turn cfm Skin: Fair with slight tan Body: 8/10 tall long legs Boobs: Small & soft. If just bigger will be perfect score. Butt: 8.5/10 nice back curve. Too bad didn't try doggie Dfk: Yes, she start dfk me before undress CB: Yes Daty: yes she love it very much Bbbj: 9/10 full of enthusiasm. Wawa can suck, lick, deepthroat, slurping wet & naughty sound. FJ: 9/10 full of energy. Gfe: 9/10 very friendly, can be naughty, speaks good english Rush: No Rtf: Absolutely will Dmg: TYL price + tips I was Wawa's 1st customer for the day. Went inside the room Wawa stands with big smile looks stunning in her shinny dress. I really like what I saw. Wawa already very welcoming & warm toward me no ice breaking required. Sat with her at bed edge chat a little bit then her face came really near me taking my lips & dfk me, then said Wawa 'let take off your clothes & shower'. That kind of approach turned me on right away. Wawa stand up undress herself infront of me first. I just observed, i really like her long pair of leg. Her body looks awesome only that boobs are quite small but looks alright on her. We went inside to wash that when I realised Wawa stands slightly taller than me. She's probably bout 175cm. She washed me cane from my back hugged me & soaped me. Taking my hard rod to clean it the she turned me to her, she kneel & did a short introduction bj. We proceed to bed, I laid back she came from above to kiss me & went down to my chest cb a lil bit then to my stiff rod grabbed it & start licked my balls 1st. She started inserting my cock in her mouth already deepthoart it. Gave me the looks & making the moan, the emmm, ahh & slurpping sound. Her skills was very good. I usually prefer slow & passionate way but she nailed me with these porn type of bbbj that I had to stopped her twice to cool down or I will have to finish early. Then asked her to lay back to do my part on her. Started with dfk down to her neck, chest & sucked her boobs. Her boobies are small & soft. She kept doing her porn fake moan until I went down to eat her wet pussy, wawa went quiet for moment, eyes closed then her genuine moan came out. Wawa seem to enjoy very much her pussy been eaten. She even compliment me & sometimes in Thais. So I ate her a lil bit longer. She even moved her pussy to achive more stimulation. Now she's on fire. After quite a good long daty, Wawa was fucking horny. She became eagerly to fuck. Wawa started inserted my cock slowly in reversed cowgirl me. She probably want to show off her round arse infront of me. Wawa rode me she was really energatic, rode me fast, I was 1st customer that day so energy still full. We switch sides missionary. I wanted to see her beautiful face get fucked. Wawa is quite aggressive, she moved her hip, butt to rhythm & I can't slow down, gosh I quite tired even before I entered the room actually. Both of us started sweating in airconditioning room. I have to change position so I move less. Laid on my side fucked Wawa side scissor. She helped move her butt, wawa really really energetic & fit for speed fuck. I was then on heat myself. Change back to missionary, time fucked her in her arm round my back hugged me tight. Thrust her pussy left right our face side by side. She whispered to my ear in Thai... I didn't know what it means hahah.. Wawa voice tone was loud. Then I shut her spreaded legs thrust her pussy with both leg shut tight. It was my mistake, her pussy felt even tightly wet after a while I can't hold any longer & exploded right there before get to try doggie. Both of us laid on the bed together very close & full of sweat. Wish I can can take another shot but have to get back to work & If I did take I will probably breaks my back. The session was superb but Wawa never cummed yet. Wawa said she is type very hard to finish (cum). I told het let me gain back my energy & come back try to finish her one day. Wawa is absolutely great in her service , gfe & looks. I will be back for next battle with this hot chick.

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