TOMYAM LEE's ~ MOLLY - Full of joy sexified

Been eyeing Molly quite a while so yesterday night I decided to go for her. Messaged Ty Lee in very short notice but then Molly was available for me. Went enter her room Molly was wearing black tight skirt & tube top. Her boobs seem hardly stay put in her tube & kept protuded out that she had to re adjust them inside their place. She was playing pool game in her smartphone so I told her to finished it up while I light my ciggy & watch her sexy 36C boobs & butt. She also tried my ciggy & kept talking & make jokes. Molly is a very funny & fun type of girl. After she losed the pool game she came over me whining & hugged me. We both undressef & head to washed up. On bed she asked me to laid down & still keep talking to me & laugh. She a very fun girl to be with. Came crawling to me from above gave me her pair of boobs cos she know I like them. Suck her tits for a while, Molly them kissed & cb my chest. Molly then went down to give head. She grabbed & started play with forehead. Molly bbbj full of sound effects from her voice & her slurpp & popping while she suck. It was a good blowjob. She asked if enough so she can proceed fj. I told her not yet as I like to play her boobs & body before that. Well I can't get my eyes of her luscious lips but she didn't allow fk. So I went for her big round boobs. They are silicone implant I can feel. Molly also very sensitive type with her tits & clit. I ate her pussy & she can't seem to be still as her hips & vagina kept moving until she told me 'I'm finished' means she cummed. Not sure if she teally cummed tho. Then after capped I took her missionary, & said her ' put in slowly baby, so I did. After few slow & tender thrust I can feel inside her pussy still quite tight & warm. I love the warm feels. Molly breath got deeper & she closed her eyes, her moan was in low tone till I fucked that warm pussy harder. Her moan turned higher tone. Molly becoming more responsive & started talking back to me. She was enjoying I knew & she said to me that I was serving her real good supposed she had to served me & jokingly Molly said 'I don't have money to pay you'. I stopped to laughed & so did Molly giggling to her teeth. Then switch to her side continue to fuck her again. Then changed back to missionary till my back felt tired so before I steamy mood cooling down I feel I must finish the game before I get tired & get harder to cum later. While Molly really like me to fuck her missionary & hugged my back & bit shoulder. I gave full deep thrust & hard. She scream loud to my left ear & there I cummed & stop the fuck. Then said Molly ' let me fuck u on top, u must be tired..' . I replied ' that ok Molly, I already cum' then we laughed again. Rest on her for a while then washed up. At the end before I leave the room, Molly came to hugged me said 'kap kun kah' & gave a peck at my lips then my right cheek. That the only kiss I got from her for goodbye. Name: Molly Age: never ask Race: Ty Face: 7/10 cute. Beautiful eyes Skin: smooth & typical thai fair with 2 tatoos on her back shoulder. Body: 7.5/10 small built nice curvy shape Boobs: 7.5/10 big probably 36C bra. Implant Butt: 8/10 Dfk: Don't allow CB: Chest & nipple Bbbj: 8/10 with sound effects Daty: allow. Very sensitive FJ: 8/10. Very responsive.. naughty Gfe: 7/10. Not exactly so gf but very friendly + service oriented. Funny, will talk & jokes a lot. Overall: Fun & enjoying session. Full of laughter. Wir: would love too, but yesterday was her last working day sigh.. Dmg: TYL price + small tips

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