TOMYAM LEE's ~ MIKO~ DATY Lick her like no tomorrow

Name: Miko (Fang) Age: About 24 Origin: TY Language: Good English Mandarin Height: About 165 Face: 8.5/10 (Smooth, very fair complexion, sharp facial features, pointed nose & big eyes. She is pretty and delicious SYT) Body: 7/10 (Petite, super slim, fair & smooth complexion with almost flat tummy) Boobs: 3/10 (Natural, A boobs with average sized nipples. Not for boob lover) Ass: 6/10 (Small) Pussy: 7.5/10 (Almost shaved all. Her pussy smells nice & very juicy. Just right tightness for me) Overall TCSS: Chitchatted for 15 min while she told me her story Shower Before: 7/10 (Helped to shower. She showered and washed my dick) BBBJ: So so only Daty: Lick her like no tomorrow and make her cramp~! Long DATY and she enjoyedit till she cum. She asked me to stop after she cum, i also ass rimming her.(I was too horny back then) Cat Bath: So so only, in return I cat bath her like hungry ghost eating ice cream FJ: Missionary, Doggy, cow girl, mirror cow girl Hygiene: 9/10 (Very clean Hotel Room environment room with bathroom) GFE: 7/10 Time Taken: Greeting to goodbye was 1 hr 10 min. Moan: 8/10 (She moaned in silence during DATY and FJ). Overall Score: 8.5/10 (I am quite satisfied overall). Damage: TYL Price per shot per hour WIR: Yes. When she return to KK next month.

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