TOMYAM LEE's ~ MAYA~ Getting high sexifaction FJ

FR written for Kiss is tantalising so recently when TYL broadcast she is back, decided to meet her to release. Left office around noon, drove to TYL port, called OKT to book Kiss but was told she only available about <15 mins from my next appointment. Left frustrated. Day 2 tried again and this time not available until late afternoon. I start to believe good things are hard to get. Decided not to go away in frustration this time so ask for 2nd choice. Name: Maya Race: tomyam Age: 25 Body: petite, nice body, probably 5ft height Face: 6.5/10 Skin: fair Boobs: D but fake, sensitive nipple Ass: 6/10 Pussy: 7/10 pretty sight, shaved, somewhat tight DFK: Kiss lips only DATY: Didn’t try BBBJ: 7/10 start licking and suck balls, move to shaft then attack the head. FJ : 8/10 CG, missionary. she used KY because she scared hurt her pussy. Moan: 8/10 GFE: 8/10 friendly girl Damage: TYL price + 20 tips WIR: Will be away soon for another month so unlikely. Despite not comparable to what FR says about Kiss, Maya is not that bad after all. When she opened the door, a petite sized girl on a pinkish body tugging dress smiled. Exchanged greetings, went in and while TCSS, sat on the bed and remove my shoes. She unbuttoned, took off my shirt and hanged in the wardrobe. same with pants. It's the first time I get this service. Next is shower. She bathe me then bath herself while I wait on the bed. After both comfortably on the bed, towel off and I pulled her on top of me hugging. She then placed her pair of boobs near to my face so I started sucking alternate nipples while my both hands squeezing her ass and attacking her pussy. She was sensitive, moan at the same time pressed her pelvis against my rod. Pussy wet already. Then she started to CB from neck, nipples, down to stomach then finally landed on my thigh before kissing her way up to the place where 2 thighs meet. Again gave good licking and sucking 2 balls before licking the shaft ending on the head. Good suction BBBJ for about 3-5 mins, capped on and suck for another minute or two before she position my pole towards her pussy and ride away, moaning with fast breathing. Right before CG, she rub in some gel on her pussy saying my tool is big for her small pussy. She seems tired riding after 8-10 mins so switched to missionary. Full view of her pretty pussy, I rammed in and out quick to slow causes her moaning get louder, eyes shut tight. Finally unload after both of us "getting high". After shower, hug, kissed and bye bye..

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