TOMYAM LEE's ~ LEMON~ Awesome First time encounter TYL

Port:TYL Name: Lemon Race: Thai Age: she say 24 Face: 8/10 Skin: Fair Massage skill: 5/10 Body: 8/10 Boobs: 36/c Dfk: not allowed...kiss neck n cheeks only Hj: 7/10 Bbbj: 9/10 Fj:10/10 Daty: not allowed Gfe: 10/10 (garang2 manja2) Wir: yes Damage: TYL Price for 1 shot Went to TYL for the first time.. A very big thank you to brother bluemeister for showing me the way from A-Z for i am a newbie here n don't know much walaupun kena ketawa by others n brother bluemeister but he help me n teach me huhuhu....anyway went n call TYL..before this i read that if call the TYL person ada temberang n garang when i call i use my big strong voice n everythng went well...hahaha...after he told where to go..went straight up to the room n knock on the door n when open she treat me like i am a lost bf n go garang2 manja with me...went in n she hug n we strip down...went shower n she give bbbj n boob job, after that went to bed n give some massage n then another bbbj this time the suction was crazy almost cum in her mouth...hahaha...put on condom n give cbj...n then the action was on...first she go cowgirl n then go missionary n other skill that i dont know...after awhile i go doggy style n go crazy mode on her until she cum alot n need towel to cover....after finish 15min playing all out in her we rest n minggle a bit...after that went shower n she massage me...after that dry myself give her hug n kiss on cheek exchange wechat n off my merry way.... This is my first FR report...if ada salah please do comment or pm me...

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