TOMYAM LEE's ~ KITTY~ Play Magic BBBJ amazing

Name: Kitty Race: Thai Age: Mid 20’s Face: 7/10 – Body: 7/10 – I prefer her to be more fleshy Boobs: 8/10 – C cupper, lovely! BBBJ: 9/10 – I enjoyed it! DFK/FK : 7/10 – Good timing DATY: N/A FJ: 9/10 – Read below for details Moan: 7/10 GFE: 8/10 – Friendly, always smiling and laughs easily Damage: TYL price– Promo price WIR – Hell YES! ! ! It’s been a while since I’ve written a FR. All the while, I’ve been reading and being a silent member in the forum. Well, I got down to KL that day and I was thinking about getting a girl at Sri Petaling since I had errands to run there. After completing my task, I browsed the web and saw that the girls at Xiao Lee caught my liking. So, I PM-ed Xiao Lee and asked for the girls availability before making a choice on a girl. I even asked him via WeChat regarding the girls but the reply came slow and short. As I was hesitating between Kitty and Fuji, I decided to try Kitty. I gave him a call and asked about the time, he said that Kitty was occupied and the time I wanted was also occupied by another client. He gave me an earlier period and I had to oblige since I was excited to give her a shot. I rushed to the port and find a parking, then contacted him again to get the room number. Went in the port and went to Kitty. To my surprise, she was slimmer than I expected, guess I got April Fool-ed by the photos. In her photos, she seemed more fleshy. Still, I wasn’t disappointed as she greeted me with a smile and initiated a conversation with me. I was delighted that she was tall at about 165cm. We stripped into our birthday suits and headed to the showers. She was very hospitable and decent as she gently washed my body while paying extra attention on the cleanliness of my lil bro. The best came when she gave me CB, I loved that sensation so much, her nipples really triggered my lil bro to harden. Trying to maintain my cool, I gave a slight moan and focus my thoughts elsewhere, haha. She then slid my lil bro in between her legs and glided as she looked me in the eyes. We shared a passionate kiss and smiled at each other as she continue to glide repeatedly, it really got my lil bro harder. She told me to dry myself up as she continue to clean herself up. I then laid on the bed and waited her for about 3 minutes. After drying herself, she came on the bed and began licking me all over, teasing me and arousing me continuously. We kissed again and she went south to give me a sensual BJ. At this point, I realised she is skillful and I had to focus my thoughts so that I don’t give in so fast. She went up and down, delicately while holding my rod, enjoying the length of it and licking the rod like an ice cream of her favourite. This went on for a few minutes and she came to me for a kiss again. Trying to shift my attention to the softness of her lips, she took out the condom, unpacked and went to the south, transitioning very smoothly. Without me noticing, she put the condom into her mouth and gave me a light BJ again. I seriously didn’t know the condom was on me, really got to give her a round of applause. She began riding me and I kept holding on to her boobs which were nicely shaped to my liking. Her pussy was tight and juicy without the need for KY, that’s a plus point for me. The CG was nice and slow, gradually getting intense as I got up to hug her and feel her warmth. Added up with the kissing, I started losing my mind when she moaned and expressed to me that she was enjoying it. Soon, I eventually lost control and unloaded my troops deep into her. This was the very very first time I surrendered in a CG position. I never even got to other positions! I keep praising her skills and told her about my 1st time ever retreat to CG. She laughed and told me to relax as there was still time. I looked at the clock, I still had 10 more minutes! We chilled and chatted, then proceeded to the showers. I then put on my clothes and paid her upon leaving. I bided her adieu as we exchanged smiles, it was a heck of a great session! I am indeed amazed by her skills, she won my heart with that. Her looks was just fine to me, I would definitely come back and last longer than just a CG.

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