TOMYAM LEE's ~ KISS ~ Deicious Sexified Perfection FJ

Port: TYL Name: KISS Age: 27 Race: Thai Face: 8/10, smiling all the time Body: 9/10, 161cm, slim sexy figure Boobs: 9/10, nice small light brown nipples. implant but looks nice especially during missionary & side fucking. Ass: 8/10, small but sexy ass Pussy: 10/10, tight for me, can feel my dick banging on her pussy wall... DFK: 10/10, a devil kisser indeed B2B: 8/10, in toilet & on bed CB: 8/10, frm neck to nipples BBBJ: 10/10, toilet bj, bed bj, deepthorting DATY: 10/10, fingered her pussy while licking FJ: 10/10, Accommodating Moan: 10/10, nice sound & facial reaction to every pump into her pussy CIM: YES! 10/10, suck every drop of my cum dry... I feel I a pornstar Rush: No Rush at all GFE: 10/10, a real comfort WL WIR: Yes Damaged: TYL Price FJ + CIM & tips 60 Saw that KISS is back to KK, decided to try the service. *Booked her at 9pm. Arrived 15 min. early at the hotel. Call TYL of my arrival but said that she's with another bro...25 min. later received call frm TYL to go up the room. Rang the doorbell, *there she is KISS in a tight skirt & a tight top. She greeted me with smile & say “hello darling”... asked me if I hv waited long & she apologize. Then she came close to me & gave me a DFK… what a nice welcome… after DFK, we undress, *she took off the skirt.. *She was wearing a tiny sexy black g-string, then off with the top revealing those huge pair of boobs… I commended her on her nice figure while touching & checking on her body… suck her boobs & she reacted with a soft moan then continued DFK… She invited me to shower to clean up… in shower also continued DFK! She put soap & clean me up then she put soap on her self & started the frontal B2B… carresing her pair of boobs to mine..i was fondling her body & also caressing her pussy…she also turn on her back & tease my dick by rubbing my dick in between her ass...i was like fucking her between her legs while grabbing her pair of boobs from behind….then she when down & put my dick in between her boobs & begin boobs fucking.. She clean the soap away & she when down to BBBJ me it a great session with deepthorting…. After that we dry our body… while existing the bathroom, *I grabbed her frm the back & we stop by the door where the mirror is & once again tease me with her ass...we did like some standing doggy style fucking while looking at ourselves on the mirror… Proceeded to bed she came on top DFK… she serve me her pair of boobs to suck on while carresing her back & ass… continued with *CB frm neck to nipples… *then she put on a coconut oil on my dick, chest & her as well...then followed by B2B & boobs fucking & BBBJ... after wiping off the oil *I grab her & lay her on bed… *we DFK, suck the boobs, went down to eat her pussy…also fingered her pussy & she moan & saying “oh My god baby… yeah” with her satisfy facial reaction to my DATY… After DATY, she capped me, the entered her missionary… pussy was feeling quite tight surprisingly… pump her suck the boobs & DFK some more… *lifted both her legs up.. *Pump some more… *put both legs to right side & continue pumping… *nice view of the boobs...grab & fondle them.. Change to doggy style… pump her hard.. Can feel banging on pussy wall inside.. *Until she feel pain, *she put on some coconut oil to the condom & continue banging… straightened her leg so she lay back side up & continue to fuck her frm behind…. Continued to cowgirl style…. She “raped” me by squatting on my dick & pumping away…. She got tired & I was not done yet… *continued wit missionary with DFK…. Bang her hard… and say to her that I want to cum in her mouth… *pull out the condom.. Then she suck my dick while laying on bed… still did not cum… I get her up & get her to BBBJ me while I stand & her kneeling & suck me furiously… then I exploded, unleashing my cum inside her mouth… She continued sucking until all my cum until it is suck dry…feel like a pornstar…. We proceed to clean…she was always smiling… we kissed some more...after dry.. Put on clothes… pay her.. Hug & kiss & leave the scene very SEXTIFIED... One of the best girl from TYL. Thanks TYL for the delicious meal….

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