TOMYAM LEE's ~ JERRY~ Bulldoggie sweet vietnamese

Name: Jerry Origin : Vietnam Place: Kota Damansara Age : She says 20 Face: 7.5

Body: 7.5/10, slim Skin: 8/10 - light fair skin Boobs: 6/10 - too small for me BJ: Non existent, lol DFK: didn't try DATY: didn't try Fingering: didn't try FJ: 8/10 - missionary, doggie, Bulldog (first time trying this position), cowgirl GFE: 6/10 - never smiled, looks tired until I try to communicate using google translate Damage: RM 170 + tips Rush: No WIR: Not for her Overall: 6.5/10 (maybe only for that day. More info on the FR) I've been going to this MP for the past two weeks, and didn't know it was under TomYamLee branches until I see the website. This was from last week. I saw Jerry the last time I went to this MP, and was curious to try her. Earlier today, went to the MP, luckily she was available. When I asked the OKT for Jerry, he said "ohhh, you like young girl". I asked how old is she to the OKT, he says 18. Honestly, I never had sex with a girl bellow 20 years old. I feel somewhat nervous, lol. I went to the cubicle, waiting for her and when she arrived, I could already sense that she is not the GFE type. Never made eye contact and quickly undressing while I do the same. I wanted to start a conversation to lighten the mood, so I asked "How are you?" She then said "20". At first I didn't quite catch what that meant. I asked again, "How are you? You looked tired?" She replied again with "20". I now understood what the reply meant, as she thought I was asking her age. Then, she covered herself with towels and we went to shower together. During the shower, she never made eye contact and was cleaning my body and didi. After all said and done, we went back to the cubicle and I immediately reached out to my phone as I want to ask her again to start a friendly conversation. But the coverage was so bad I cannot even load the search result of google translate. As I was waiting for the search result to appear, she asked me to lie down. I obliged and lie down on the my chest. She started massaging me, which was standard, but I really like that she focused on my shoulder and neck (I slept only 4 hours earlier that day). This really helped me to relax and enjoy the massage. The whole massage lasted about 10-15 minutes. She then proceed to b2b for about 2-3 minutes (really short b2b). Nothing special, but the feel of boobs rubbing against your back initiated the erection. I then turned back, facing her, and she started to cath bath me (only the nipple area) while rubbing my didi. About 3-5 minutes later, she started to BBBJ. No joke, the whole BBBJ is less than 15 seconds. I'm already hard, she probably thought it's time for FJ. Notice that I didn't try to rub her boobs, or went for a kiss as I thought she was not in the mood. Once capped, She wanted to lie down, and so we started with missionary. I went really slow. The V is somewhat tight. She turned her head and there's no moan. I'm really scared to go fast, not knowing what would happened if I go hard and fast to a 20 years old girl. I speeded up a little bit, but not too fast. She started to close her eyes. After about 5 minutes, I wanted to change position to doggie. For me, doggie is the best position to go slow. We started with doggie, but She kept puting her hips high. So I got up a little bit (knee bent), and slowly thrust her (in Bulldog position). My knee was tired for about 3 minutes (maybe 5), so I decided not to do Bulldog. I lay on my back, she got on top of me and started ridding me. This time she was in control. The funny thing was that she rode me fast, lol. She went back and forward fast, and I now started to hear moan (soft quite moan), and the expression looked like she was enjoying it. We were in this position for about 5-7 minutes. Once she stopped, I remembered thinking, let me release now in missionary position. we switched back to missionary position, but then for some reason I went "moderate" (not too slow, but definitely not fast). Since she looked like she's enjoying herself, I tried to lick/kiss her boobs. The first time I tried to touch/kiss her body as her initial expression was not that welcoming. 5 minutes into the missionary, I knew already I couldn't cum if I didn't go fast. So I stopped, lay down and giving the tired expression. She looked at my condom covered didi but no cum. She asked me for a HJ, which I didn't really mind. She add a little of lubricant, started slowly and then went fast. She was cute, so I was just focusing on her, put my hand on her body to turn me on, and viola, I cum :) After cleaning my didi with a toilet paper, she took an additional toilet paper and rub it around my face and body. She put a little effort to clean my light sweat, which I then I thought she was not in a bad mood after all. We then went to shower together.

After the shower, I went to the cubicle and reach out to my phone to use Google translate. This time, the coverage is better. I translated "You look sad, everything ok?". She then laughed a little, smiled and said "[I'm] ok, tired". I reached out to my wallet to give her tips. At least she smiled and I felt a lot better. Final thoughts: She is not the GFE type. If anyone tries her, and doesn't get the vibe from her, keep in mind that she is probably new. If you can catch her while she is not tired, she might possibly be fun. Looking back, she tried very hard on the massage, she accommodated all my request positions, and making sure that I came with a HJ.

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