TOMYAM LEE's ~ ARRIS~ Best BBBJ ever got

Late FR from Last time as I just come back from Australia last month. Lol. Didn't realize I'm still infant in this forum. Couldnt bother to ask for promotion. haha TYL Stock Name- Arris Origin- Thai Face - Slightly touch up from original picture but I give her 7/10. Body - 7/10 Slim and the skin is really smooth. Boobs - 7.5/10 She told me implant one and keep asking me to touch her boobs. haha Ass- 5/10 well not that big but not that flat either. Pussy - 8/10 Tight. Like really tight. Lovin it! BBBJ - 9/10 one of the best bj i've ever got! she really like to lick my ball Daty - Yes DFK - Yes GFE - 11/10 Feels like your girlfriend, even better than your girlfriend lol. Good english skill and easy to communicate with her. No rushing whatsoever and she really treat me like a king. Damage - Usual TYL price + fat tips. WIR - Too bad she already go back, if not I will go to her every night lol. hahaha

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