TOMYAM LEE's ~ AIMEE~ Almost the professional masseuse

Feeling horny, I dropped by TYL's SS2 port and was greeted by the OKT on duty. Was asked if I had any booking to which I replied no, and asked him who's available. OKT straight away recommended Diamond. Now I've read reviews on her, and despite wanting to experience being "raped" by this superstar, I wasn't game enough for the night (feeling slightly jet-lagged after arriving past midnight on Tuesday). He then recommended AiMee, from website photos, resembles one of my memorable ex-gik (FWB) in Bangkok. Wanting to rekindle lost memories, I decided to try her. Waited quite a while as OKT called her down. Apparently she was doing household chores of cleaning the kitchen. AiMee appeared in a sexy red tight dress. Paid the damage at the counter before being taken by her hand to our cubicle, which was at the end before the bathroom area. This port has open ended ceilings, cubicles separated by curtains. Definitely non sound-proof. We did the usual introduction, TCSS, starting in English before switching to Thai (they always do that when they discover you're able to speak their lingo). Undressed, towel wrapped and into the shower for the usual wash down. Standing stark naked and exposed in the bathroom's white florescent light, my pole started hoisting as I admired her sexy, curvaceous body. Unlike most slim and tall Thai girls (my usual preference), AiMee had the right curves at all the right spots. Standing at 155cm, her B-sized milk jugs were just the right size, matching the curve on her back down to her ass. Legs were also nicely proportioned.

Shower was SOP, but by then, we had already formed great chemistry as we learned a lot about each other. Dried off and back to our cubicle for the massage. Unlike most girls, AiMee's massages are strong, firm, nerve stretching, intense and utterly effective, the perfect remedy for my jet lag. She spent quite a lot of time and when the massage session was over, I was half tired out. Sensual routine proceeded, starting off with cat bath, licking, kissing and sucking all over my body from ears to calves, paying strong attention to the pubic region, nice and wet licking around my thighs, testicles, ass region (no AR though), shaft teasing. She was spot on in finding my hidden ero zones (ears, neck, inner thighs), which got me quite excited. Before BJ was even initiated, I was already at full mast. BBBJ pursued, nice suction and grip, spiced up by the slurping sounds she made as her head bobbed up and down my engorged tool. She alternated the rhythm nicely, switching from long slow strokes to head-focused short strokes. After about 5 minutes of non-stop BBBJ, we switched positions as I started foreplay on her, flipping on her orgasm switch by kissing her ears and neck (she responsive at this region), moving downwards to her breasts and nipples (less sensitive) before diving southbound for dinner at the Y, slowly increasing her arousal and her love juices started drenching her pussy lips and my mouth. Her moans which started with soft, long sighs began increasing in volume and her breathing became faster, as she started grabbing my head closer to her, me happily burying my mouth and head at her pleasure zone. Condom on, and I slowly inserted my slightly limp tool (lost slight erection during DATY), and the moment my dick completed the first thrust, seeing AiMee arch her back slightly, eyes closed, feeling a strong grip by her pussy walls, my erection was in full deployment. I started thrusting harder and faster, her moans getting louder as we engaged in missionary position variations (CAT, butterfly, Mongolian dwarf etc). Warmth and wetness of her pussy, added with erotic sounds made from ramming our pubic regions together was heavenly. Changed to doggy style, increasing in speed and depth, seeing and hearing how her soft, sexy ass cheeks with an artistic tatoo at the top of her ass crack bounces off my thighs and dick, alternating between squeezing her butt towards me and staying still while she rams her pussy backwards was excellent PSE, especially when she turns her head backwards with those CFM eyes and tongue licking her own lips. Having had enough workout session, I decided to let her take control as she mounted herself on me cowgirl style, riding real hard and fast before she collapse on my chest as she neared her orgasm, lips locked biting on my neck in a fruitless attempt to mute her moans as I continued bucking my hips upwards towards her first climax, passing my point of no return as her pussy clenched tightly around my shaft, before we changed to sitting lotus position, with her violently grinding her pussy till I finally shot my load in spurts into the rubber, completely breathless. We collapsed on the floor mattress, both exhausted and catching our breath while cuddling, teasing, giggling and laughing at each other like a genuine girlfriend does. Light kissing her and there and once she recovered from her post-coital excitement, she continued to give me more massages until we realised it was almost 3AM, closing time. Into the shower, final cleanup, dressed and bid each other farewell, walking out feeling fully satisfied (sex-tified, to be precise).

Great session, excellent chemistry and lots of fun with a cheeky, sexy and playful girl. Excellent GFE.

YMMV. I had great fun, mainly because there's no language barrier. Location: SS2, Petaling Jaya Name: AiMee Age: Didn't ask. Website states as 21 Nationality: Thai, from Bangkok Language: English, Thai Face: 7/10 (she's sweeter in person. Website pics tends to show the sluttier version of her) Body: 7/10 (around 155cm, nice curves at the right places. Not the usual slim / skinny TY type) Skin: 7/10 (quite fair for a Thai, as her mom is Thai Chinese. Has some slight freckles on her boobs and neckline) Boobs: 7/10 (B-cup, natural. Nice brown and pointy nipples) Ass : 7/10 (curved just nice. Not too firm, which is great in doggy when hearing slapping sounds as her ass cheeks rams into my pelvic area) Pussy: 8/10 (trimmed, tightness and wetness just nice) Cat Bath: 8/10 (all over. Good ball licking and sucking. Found my hidden hot spots, knows how to tease my neck and ears) BBBJ: 8/10 (good suction, makes very horny slurping noises) DFK: Didn't try DATY: 8/10 (yummy! She starts squirming when sucking on her clit) FJ : 8/10 (can feel intense grip on my tool. Accommodates many positions) Moan: 7/10 (soft, genuine and passionate. She had to resist from being too loud, sometimes biting my neck or covering her mouth) GFE: 10/10 (we both clicked very well, mainly due to no communication barriers as I speak good Thai. Plenty of fun, laughter and teasing. I think we were making the most noises in the whole area) Massage: 9/10 (really good skills. Able to emulate close the professional masseuse) Rush: I think we went into extra-time Damage: RM160 + good tips Overall: 8/10 (high score for massage skills, GFE and FJ) WIR: Yes

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