TOMYAM LEE's ~ Sky~ Home sweet 100% GFE !!

Wow.... finally I manage to reach "SKY".. I have been looking for TYL puchong Sky for many many times. She always working or booking already. Seem like she is very famous there. I was attracted by her pretty eye n sweet smile on the photo on TYL. Once I reached there, ya!! she is the one who catch my attention. Just right for my cup of tea. :) Once we entered room, her room is well decorate with romantic lightings. Then her playful character is begin... haha.. she keep play with me and keep telling me "later you die" "later you die"!! haha... After bathe, I never asked her for massage as I know she dont know how to massage. So just straight proceed with the game. Her tongue is really active. We have a lot of French kiss all the way which is really nice.. Feel like she is really enjoy it as well as I do. She had a candy in her mouth when I FK her, my tongue is trying to look for it. Then she begin to cat bath me, her skill is really good.. I enjoy the tongue flow over my body and she started BBBJ. Wow!!! the best skills ever have!! With this pretty face and smile.. she keep saying" I want to eat finish until u die." how can I surrender?? I turn her back and we start 69 for a long long time... Seriously.... this is my best experience ever!! I can feel a lot of water coming out from her.. So I dont want to lost the opportunity immediately wear up the condom. Her hole is really tight and she enjoy every time deep and deep penetration. She moan so loud and keep holding my back to go deeper!! OMG.... i am just done in one action... After that, we hug each other and listen to her stories... I found she is really an interesting girl!! Her character is very good and she care for people.. I wont rate how much point she worth. For me.. She is 100% GFE feel! 100% playful 100% pretty in my perception. For who interested to her, please take good care of her. She is really good!! But she is going back soon. **Attention to those big boobs lover!! Do not look for her, she is not yr cup of tea. Her boobs is small.

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