TOMYAM LEE's ~ PATTY~ Enjoy Big Boob Offer price!!

Place: Puchong Environment: 6.8/10 It was ok for me. So many so many snacks prepared for you just in case u need to wait for ur lady hehehehe Name: Patty Age: Don't really care Origin: Chiang mai/rai forgot Face: 7/10 with heavy make up i feel Body: 7/10 a bit chubby but i like heheheheheheehehe Blowjob: 7/10 Just a while with condom on, I am not really into this. But it was nice when she uses her tongue to lick my d*ckhead tho. (y) DATY: Skipped cos friend warned me to not do it with fl anymore for hygiene purpose. Fingering: Nope Boobs: 8/10 Not a boobs lover. But damn that big pair of melons. So big and firm so i think not 100℅ real. However, so nice to grab when fucking her goddammn. Pussy: 7.5/10 nice to fuck =] Moan: Soft GFE: 7/10 it was good FJ: 8/10 Cowgirl, Rest awhile, Cow girl again cos feel so fucking great when her ass pound my thigh, finished with missionary. Damage: 130 Promo + Tips WIR: Maybe try SP port haha. After done watching a movie, my friend and I dunno where to go. I said i want eat Thailand Tomyam crab (hai) tonight liao, no more China Char Siew Bao cos of my previous bad experience with china girl. tomyam ofcos go tomyam lee la haha Reached around 1245 / 1 am. First time here, kinda took a long time for my friends and I to get up to the place as we had no idea how. Got 3 girls available I picked Patty. Went into the room and then proceeded to shower. So damn cold haha, Patty so good switched off the aircon. She piano massage me first, okok la...but not come here to massage. After massage she asked me to turn over, i am so scare because dunno why my didi cant stand up. Patty said "No worry, i got skill, i can make it wake up" haha. She started to kiss my neck, soft bite, then licked my nipple god damn it felt so damn good, 2 seconds only didi straight stand up ready for action d. She kept on doing that for 2 minutes and her hair smelled so fucking great too. Damn made me so horny. Finger roam around her clit and her asshole to give her back somethin. She then proceeded to bj me with condom on, it felt marvellous with her tongue. Then we fucked. She cow girl me and the pussy felt so warm and moist. Kept on pounding and grabbing her ass...felt so good and i like this position so much. Her moan was so soft and her face was so good to look at while fucking. Kept going for 10 minutes then proceed to misionary for 5 minutes and released the soldiers. She cleaned me with tissue papers and we went to shower and say good bye after that. P/S: PC OKT not friendly, looking at us like macam "what do u guys wan?" Lololol don't know how to say...just see dou him abit sien. To boss lee, maybe you can ask the okt to be more friendly next time.

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