TOMYAM LEE's ~ MiiMii~ Friendly Pretty tomyam!!

At the night after the heavy drink with colleague and friends, we went to Saboon around 3AM but unfortunately the girls there really look worst to me. So we change to E2 and really our bad luck as there are some "operation" going and the staff told us is closed. End up we all went back home. The next day, i direct call Mr. Lee and he recommended to me as MiiMii is new comer and haven't try yet so I am the first customer wahaha: Name: Miimii Age: 25 Category: TY Face: 9/10 (Look pretty) Body: 7/10 (Size small) Boobs: 34C (Fake) Ass: 7/10 (small but hehehe nice) Pussy: 8/10 (Small and you know can play on it) Damage: RM130 + Tips BJ: 9/10 (Not bad, serve you well) Fingering: 10/10 (Awesome) GFE: 10/10 (Great) Moan: 9/10 (sound nice) FJ: 8/10 (Great) WIR: Yes I will as she is friendly and nice and talkative wahahha

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