TOMYAM LEE's ~ MaLii~ Super GFE+Manja GirL babe!!

Felt horny after a full day of drinking from Kaamatan.. So decided to check TYL's girls at their website and decided to give it a try. Called up the Guy and was told to wait for a bit cuz too many customer..(not sure how true it was).. Then kena msg and sent to the room where the girl i asked for was waiting(not exactly 100% like the picture but very close). I've never felt so welcomed in my life. Ringed the door bell and when the door opened, there she was... Being super excited to see me. She then gave me a super big hug and didn't want to let go.. After a bit of chit chatting, she said its time to take a shower.. She striped off her dress.. Let me take off her bra.. Moved on straight to her taking my pants off.. I then took off her g-string.. And i swear I've never seen a more perfect ass in my life. Super round and perky.. Spanked it whenever i had the chance to. Loved the way she jumps a bit after getting spanked. Went into the showers to wash up.. She washed my didi and gave my back a scrub.. She saw how sunburnt i was(whole day at island drinking under the sun) and she was super gentle when scrubbing my back. After the shower, we both dried up each other and laid there on the bed where she started with a gentle HJ then moved on to her incredibly awesome BJ. Held her head and started moving it up and down till she couldnt handle anymore. Then comes the fucking.. She took out a condom and put it on my didi before she pulled me up and told me to fuck her missionary style.. Ohyeahh.. Thrusted in and she moaned so loud that she had to cover her mouth so people outside couldnt hear her.. We went from Missionary to Cow Girl to Doggy and back to Missionary. Made her cum twice before i blew my load. Was supposed to cum in her mouth but sadly i didnt pull out fast enough. Blew my load into the condom and we went on to cleaning each other.. After washing up, she laid her head on my chest and we just started talking. It was as if we had known each other for years.. (Or so i thought.. Could be all bullcrap but it felt nice). After chatting, i paid her and went our separate ways.. Anyways here are her ratings.. Name : MaLii Origin : East side of Thailand Age : 26 Boobs : website said C cup but looked and felt like B cup only. Still soft and perky enough to squeeze. 7/10 Skin : Typical Thai chic. Super smooth skin. 8/10 Body : slim hourglass body with nice firm perky ass.. Cant get her ass out of my mind. Someone please spank her for me. 9/10 Pussy : light hair, tight, no smell, very wet, 8/10 Dfk : didnt dfk much but can see that she knows what she's doing 6/10 DATY : Didnt manage to do it as we went straight to fucking after she blew me. BBBJ : nice but could improve on sucking to give more feel. 8/10 FJ : N/A Moan : loud and natural. Not faked. Can see her reaction that she felt and liked it inside her tight pussy. 9/10 WIR : 100% yes. Damage : RM240/1 shot. Will definitely go for her again if i have the chance(sadly she said she is going back in 1 week+). Very manja girl. Loves to please her man. But also make sure you treat her right.. Thanks bros.

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