TOMYAM LEE's ~ Lynn~ Love her hand full boob !!

Finish business feel horny suddenly think of TYL Browse with smartphone for available test drive Found 1 quite SYT looking vehicle and proceed for phone reservation Arrive showroom but lost direction due to 1st time visit and lack of sense of directiob After some directional instruction from L found the secret door to showroom It was 6 in the evening All 4 vehicle available for test drive is display at the concierge Saw a beautiful SYT and stare for a minute while waiting okt go toilet She have a kind of cold aura like those girls you meet in club which is elegant and untouchable Heartbeat faster by 1.5times and i know its time to pay the counter for test drive When her name is called she have a shock face looking at me and slowly turn to smile thinking that i might test another available vehicle but not her Indeed picture is pretty real person is more pretty and attractive Proceed to car park and start the engine Undress yourself and proceed to bath Dry up back to car park and action begin Start with a bbbj and nipple licking Her pussy is like those underage girls with a little grass topping Without any further she cap me and cow boy me Soft moan soft moan choke her body like taiwan milk tea shaking Turn around and mission her for few minutes Get up turn around and doggy her real hard till she bang her head to the wall a little im sorry Grab her boob so tight and bang her harder my engine oil leaking Dispose the oil filter and proceed to bath again Name : Lynn Age:20 ~24 Origin:tomyam Skin:fair and smooth Face:9/10 Body: damn those S curve when u doggy her 9.5/10 Height: somewhere 155cm very sai sai lap and can lift her up bang in kitchen cabinet marble top if any Boob:34C or D very hand full grab for a small size girl like her. Small tits and solid. But the only weird feeling is that the boob is too rigid and solid like our biceps muscle or pamela anderson for instance. Is this fake or silicon type? Confused me Massage: no DFK: no AR: no BBBJ:7/10 nothing impress DATY: dint try Pussy: cute with little grass topping FJ:9/10 Fingering: a little GFE:9/10 WIR:yes but maybe top up for hotel room

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