TOMYAM LEE's ~ KiTTy~ Long lost lover !!

Brother Lee's port, being the customer-oriented service provider will regularly send messages to the customer to maintain the rapport and today, I got to know my long lost 'Kitty' has returned. Immediately gave a call, asked for availability. Back home happily and still smiling even a brainless driver almost hit me. Reached the usual place, parked my car and texted Lee. 'Knock.. knock..' She can't remember, I don't blame her as our last seen was one or two years back. I could still recognize her, especially her appearance just because I think she is one of the beautiful Thais I have ever met. She is just natural, very light make up unlike those at flower joints. Student-look, very young despite age of 27. And this time, she has got a 'better' / 'enhanced' looking, I think she had surgery on her eyes, minor one and that's the most successful operation I would say - she just look like a mixed, like an Eurasian. Attractive, jing jing. Stripped and went to shower, this time it's totally different with some added services ( I promised to keep it short & sweet, not to go in-depth and if you would like to know... there's one famous phrase in DPF - there is only one way to find out ). She has become a professional, a skilled worker, an expert, an expatriate (perhaps) despite her age. a good customer service personnel. given more trainings and she would be perfect. Proceed to the real tasks, almost... exploded during BJ. I hardly come during BJ so far, to summarize - she is good, jing jing. Then different positions & DFK 99 ( but not allow last time ), last position was missionary - just like the way she is shy, turn away, no eye contact and... exploded. boom. Didn't end like that, lying hugging kissing touching chatting. took the shower and while she put on some make ups, hug her from the back. that scene was similar, which ex already..... paid her with some additional tips that I recalled, two years back wanted to give but just brought exact change. One last thing before I forget, she will be back on 5th Aug not sure 4th is her last day. Don't wait till gaji keluar lah.... Name : Kitty ( SP Branch, hotel style ) Face : 9.5/10 Age: 27 Boobs: 8/10 (B cup - soft, original) Body : 8/10 (slim with some tummy, baru sedap sentuh2) Massage : NA ( she offered after FJ but I just need her companion ) CatBath: 9/10 (tits, ear, body... ) BJ: 10/10 FK/DFK : 10/10 FJ : 10/10 ( accommodating and nvr complain even stopped for a while for some chit chats, very semangat ) Daty : Never Try GFE : 20/10 Damage: RM170 + tips WIR: A big YES

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