TOMYAM LEE's ~ Katie~ 200% Girl friend FEEL !!

Yesterday afternoon, my didi felt itchy and I decided to visit tyl port. Browse the website and my eyes attracted with Katie looks. Call the OKT number and book her slot. Reaching the place about 20 mins. Cut the story short, we both stripped and had a shower. At that time, national anthem is already sung together with the marching bands. She giggled all the time. Then, clean our body with towel. Me lying on the bed, as she start to do BJ me. Then didi's capped, we start with cowgirl, marvelous booty-shack. Her moans in soft but 'strong' enuff to show how she enjoy the event. About 3mins, we changed to missionary. And to tell u the truth, this position is which I loses to many to the girls I fucked, without knowing why... Must be the full view of her expression when I pumped in harder. Lastly, we end up with doggies where I shoot my 2 millions armies. That fucking session was only happens in 5 mins. Damnnnn....I should be longer if isn't that 'FOREPLAY'....After that, we get ourselves cleaned and get dressed. Pay her 180 and tips her for doing well in foreplay. She was so happy when I tip her and never stop thanking me. She even gave me a hug and light kiss on the lips. 20 out of 10 scales GFE I must add. Waving at her to say goodbye and tell me to come again. Oh HELL YEAHHHH!!!!... Name : Katie Origin; Bangkok, Thailand Age : she told me 24 Face : 7/10 (very fair skin with light makeup) Skin : Very smooth Height : 5ft 5 Body : 7/10 Boobs : natural B size BBBJ : 8/10 Excellent Daty : Never think of. FK : NO Moan: Soft GFE: High Gratitude. 9/10 Damages : 180 + tips WIR: Maybe

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