TOMYAM LEE's ~ KaMMi~ Petite Sweet Cute tomyam!!

Overall: 7/10 Name: Kamii @ SP Origin: TY Age : didn't ask Face: 7/10 cute type. Body: 8/10 petite, small waist, big boobs Skin: 7/10 Butt: 8/10 Pussy: 7/10 Bushy DATY: Never try. not fan of bushy type Massage: Never try. Straight to CB CB: 8/10 Laugh herself when after seeing lipstick stain on the nipple AR: Never ask BoobJob: With her huge boobs I alternate between boobjob and bbbj with her on top. BBBJ: 9/10 good suction, able to deep throat and ball licking. Some moaning while bbbj, moan louder when i fuck her mouth till i come. CIM: Not allowed FJ: Never tried AJ: Never ask DFK: Not allowed GFE: 7/10 SOP. Maybe because of language barrier, but very accommodating and try hard to please Language: Very little english Rush: Do Ask you come faster ^^ WIR: May be Damage: RM170

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