TOMYAM LEE's ~ Jee~ Worth for every cent I spent!!

Port: KK Name: Jee Age: 25..but look older..tired maybe? 😀 Origin: tomyam Face: 8/10.. look exactly in real..but without makeup Body: 8/10..slim but yet curvy..boobs seem to be unoriginal..u guys try 1st..but nice butts bros! Massage: weh..who come here to massage? 😂 Bbbj: no bad..but unwilling to bj without cp.. B2b,dfk n the rest..didnt enuff time..haha Moan: hi def..this i enjoy listening.. Gfe: 10/10..very welcoming..hold ur hand..get me to undress..shower..talking2..very good.. Fj: 9/10..also very her best attention.. Rush: no..ngam2 time..kautim oso ody.. Damage: rm220 + gst..heheh Wir: yeah sure..but must try other foods offered mah.. Overall..very nice lah..worthed the damage..💪👍👍

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