TOMYAM LEE's ~ CLeo~ Cum in mouth .. SYIOK!!

OKT : TYL~ Tomyum Lee Name: Cleo Race: Thai Age: 23 Face: 7/10 Skin: 7/10 tan Massage Skill: None Body: Skinny & Bony Boobs: 7/10 32A~B DFK: Kiss a bit HJ: None BBBJ: 8/10 quite good and with great concentration FJ: 8/10 SOP for me but she kept saying that i'm strong DATY: None CIM: Yes after a few persuasions GFE: 9/10 WIR: For her sister maybe Damage: 300 Hot afternoon (it has been for the past few weeks) and decided to release after looking at the photos of Cleo/Maxim sisters. Cleo is the younger sister and Maxim is the older sister. Called OKT and everything arranged within 10mins. Entered the room and to my surprise both sisters where there. So naughtily asked whether it is a buy 1 free 1 treatment haha. Cleo said only if i dare. Anyways, Maxim looks chubbier than Cleo, as Cleo is real thin. Cleo is a really chatty one, felt just like friends and we clicked quite well. SOP shower. I lay on the bed and she took my Didi and gave it a good look with a kiss. Started off with a wet BBBJ for 10 mins. Quite good and i relax myself. Pushed her head a few times for a little deep throat. After that cap on and fucked her doggy. She touched herself at the clit and say that i'm strong. Didn't last for more than 10 mins because her ass is bony. Painful for my pelvis. Changed to missionary with a few variations and she continue to enjoy my pouncing by rubbing her clit, eyes closed and head turned to one side. I put my finger into her mouth and she sucked it. Then after a while she opened her eyes and smiled at me, so i guess she Cum. Got tired after 20 mins and asked if i can cum in her mouth. She keep smiling and initially rejected me. I pounced harder and ask her again. She smile and say OK and lets take the CD out. I let her BBBJ me for 5 mins and unload into her sweet mouth while she gave me light strokes. Took a few deep breath and it was a good release.

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