TOMYAM LEE's ~ DEAR~ Bang a SYT....!!

July 31, 2016

Its been a while since i tasted TYL stocks so i decided to go for one that night and this is my FR report of her

    Name : Dear
    Age : I'm guessing she's around her early-mid 20's
    Origin : Thailand
    Face : 7/10 She has a pretty cute face
    Body : 7/10 typical SYT body slim and tall probably around 164's cm but she said she wanted to be short rather than tall..
    Skin : 8/10 Smooth skin
    Boobs : i'd say she's around B since only less than cupful for me
    Ass : 7/10 firm ass
    Pussy : 7/10 bushy, not too tight
    Massage : Why would you need when you are heading to TYL's? hahahaha
    Shower : Showered together, will clean you up with your brother
    HJ : nope
    BBBJ : 7/10 She has braces on but she is careful not to hit your bro,
                         still skills could be improved
    FJ : 7/10 started with cowgirl for around 3-5 minutes before heading to
                   missionary for another 7-10 minutes before releasing it.
    Moan : 7/10 everytime when you bang her she'll moan
    GFE : 7/10 Some language barrier since she couldn't speak english properly
                        but she is appreciative
    Overall : 7/10
    Damage : Rm220
    WIR : Most likely I will if she is still around XD

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